OME Privacy Policy

Operation Military Embrace, Inc.
EIN/TIN 56-2656711

All Officers, Directors and Volunteers serving Operation Military Embrace, Inc., are expected to act at all times in the best interest of Operation Military Embrace ("OME"). Consistent with ethical business practices, all Officers, Directors and Volunteers of "OME" will be expected to aggressively protect the privacy of all Grant recipients and their families as well as others who receive direct or indirect support from "OME." It shall be against the "OME" Privacy Policy for the Secretary/Treasurer or any other Officer, Director or Volunteer to share any private information, including, but not limited to, Social Security numbers, names, addresses and/or phone numbers, credit card or banking information, personal information, etc., of donors or Grant recipients with any other organization regardless whether it be a non-profit or a for profit entity.

Personal information and/or contact information provided to "OME" shall not be shared with any third party without the express written consent of the Grant recipient, the family or a donor or as otherwise required by a statutory provision or the demands of a qualified regulatory authority.

No donor will be added to an "OME" Newsletter or e-mail distribution list or any other list of any type or character unless requested by the donor. Reiterating, donor physical addresses, e-mail addresses, phone numbers or any other private information that has been provided to "OME" shall not be shared outside of "OME" without the written consent of the donor and all such donor information shall be kept in absolute confidence and shall not be used by "OME" for any purpose that has not been approved by the donor. Additionally, online donations through the "OME" website are protected by the security measures incorporated by the "OME" donations processor, PayPal, and all electronic donations shall be afforded the privacy protections discussed in this policy.

The security professionals at PayPal maintain security and protect the identities of donors who make online donations through the OME website. The following link provides information regarding the safety and security of PayPal donor transactions made through the OME website.

Lawyer/Client Privileged Information:

In those cases where "OME" makes direct payments to attorneys representing Active Duty Marines, Navy Corpsmen or Soldiers, "OME" will protect all related information under the Lawyer/Client Rules of Privileged Information.

Contact information:

Operation Military Embrace, Inc. P. O. Box 149
Hockley, Texas 77447-0149

FAX: 281-357-1584
Office: 281-615-6275