Conflict of Interest Policy

Operation Military Embrace, Inc.
EIN/TIN 56-2656711

All Officers, Directors and Volunteers serving Operation Military Embrace, Inc., are expected to act at all times in the best interest of Operation Military Embrace (“OME”). Consistent with good business practices, all Officers, Directors and Volunteers of “OME” should avoid the appearance of any Conflict of Interest as well as any direct Conflict of Interest.

In accordance with normal operating practices for a 501c3 Tax-Exempt/Non-Profit organization, no Officer, Director or Volunteer shall derive any personal profit or gain directly or indirectly by way of his or her participation in the activities associated with “OME.” All Officers, Directors and/or Volunteers are obligated to immediately report any actual or perceived Conflict of Interest to the Secretary/Treasurer of “OME.” Each Officer, Director or Volunteer shall disclose to the Secretary/Treasurer of "OME" any personal interest which he or she may have in any matter pending before the Board of Directors of “OME” and shall recuse himself/herself from any decision on such matters, including the Secretary Treasurer, in matters pertaining to the compensation of the President/Executive Director because of their personal relationship (husband/wife). All Officers, Directors and Volunteers shall refrain from using information of any character obtained through activities or communications associated with “OME” for personal or private gain or advantage.

Operation Military Embrace will aggressively protect the privacy of its Grant recipients and their families as well as others who receive direct or indirect support from “OME.” Personal information provided to “OME” shall not be shared with any third party without the express written consent of the Grant recipient, the family or a donor or as otherwise required by a statutory provision or the demands of a qualified regulatory authority.

Under this policy, an interested person is any Officer, Director or Volunteer who has a direct or indirect financial interest through family, business or investment with which “OME” has a transaction or arrangement. It is the obligation of each Officer, Director and/or Volunteer to disclose to the Secretary/Treasurer of “OME” any actual or possible conflict of interest and all associated material facts. The Secretary/Treasurer shall share the material facts with the Board of Directors and the Board shall determine if a conflict of interest actually exists. The interested person shall be excused from the Board Meeting when such discussions are held and shall be called back into the Board meeting to be apprised of the findings of the Board. In the case of a finding of a conflict of interest regarding a transaction or an arrangement, the Board shall develop a reasonable alternative to the originally proposed transaction or arrangement. If a satisfactory alternative is not available, then the disinterested parties on the Board will determine, through a vote, whether the original transaction or arrangement is in the best interest of “OME” and is in conformance to good business practices.