SAMMC Visit June 2013

For our June trip to SAMMC (San Antonio Military Medical Center) we did something different: instead of first visiting inpatients, and then hosting a dinner that night for the wounded and their families, we held a BBQ early that afternoon on the base for our wounded and their families.  Sgt. Eric Morante, injured Marine and former SAMMC patient, was our chef who prepared all the delicious food!  There were craft activities for all the kids, and a bouncy house outside so that the kids could run off some energy!LOL! We also held a mini drawing for gift cards, gift baskets, etc. and the wounded and their families loved this!  
Here is Pam with the winner of the large gift basket:
Here we are with the goodie bags that were given to all the kids of our wounded:
Here is Jerry with the winner of a Catholic rosary:
Here is Patty with one of the daughters of our wounded making crafts:
Here is our newest volunteer, Lindsey, (on the right) helping the kids with the crafts.  On the left is a wife of our wounded and her daughter.
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