SAMMC Visit December, 2012

We had many awesome youth groups help us with the unloading during our December 9-10,, 2012 trip to San Antonio Military Medical Center:
Here are 2 of the inpatients that we visited:
Here are some of the pictures from the dinner that we hosted for many of the wounded outpatients and their families.  As we have done a few times before, we used the RK Catering Group to cater the event (they do an awesome job!!) in the Sunset Station area.  That way we had a large enough room for the 58 wounded outpatients and their families!
In these 2 pictures below, during the dinner Sunday night we also celebrated two 40th birthdays: one for a wounded soldier and one for a wounded Marine!  Happy Birthday, Blaine & Todd!!
Below are pictures from our free PX ("Post Exchange" = a military store) and drawing that was held on Monday, December 10, 2012.  Our wounded love this activity!  The free PX, in effect, is like a pay raise for them, and they get so excited about having a chance to win X-Boxes, iPod Nanos, gift cards, etc. in the drawing!
As you can see from the picture below, there was a long line of our wounded waiting to get into the free PX!
The soldier below won the electric toothbrush in our drawing event: 
It was so bitter cold on the day of the free PX that some of our volunteers handed out some of the donated homemade blankets to many of our wounded who couldn't fit inside the building and, therefore, had to wait outside in the cold.  God Bless all those wonderful people who made homemade blankets for us!
In the picture below, in the drawing event the injured Marine on the left won a Marine Corps chest that was donated by the Marine combat veteran on the right and his wife:
The injured Marine in the picture below won the X-Box in our drawing event:
In the picture below, Eric on the left, a wounded Marine and former SAMMC patient, and who is currently in culinary school, prepared a delicious breakfast for our wounded!
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