SAMMC Visit Dec. 2015

Thanks to all of our 100 awesome volunteers, our many many donors, and OME Officers and Directors, we were able to provide our wounded military and their families at San Antonio Military Medical Center with another awesome free PX --our biggest and best EVER! We set up all day Sunday, December 6, and held the free PX on Monday, December 7.
These first few pictures are of the set up and BBQ dinner on Sunday: In this first picture you can see that we always say a prayer before starting our set up.  We also say a blessing before the BBQ dinner:
Once again, Sgt. Eric Morante (on the right) , USMC (Ret.) and former SAMMC patient, prepared our delicious BBQ dinner!
Here are pictures from the Monday morning free PX.  This is Jerry and Kenny (USMC, Ret. and former SAMMC patient) setting up for the drawing in which we gave away tools, Yeti coolers, gift cards, iPad Mini's, etc. to our wounded military and their families!
Starting this year and every year forward, our PX will be named the Hank Trujillo Memorial Free PX.  Hank passed away in early 2015, but Hank (a Vietnam Veteran) had a great passion for helping our veterans, and he was the driving force behind getting all of his buddies in the TWU (Transport Worker's Union) Veterans' Committee across the country to get involved in supporting this free PX starting 3 years ago:
On December 18, 2015, we hosted the Christmas party for all of the wounded and their families. OME paid for all the toys and food.
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