SAMMC Visit Dec. 2014

The following are pictures from our December 14-15, 2014, quarterly trip to SAMMC (San Antonio Military Medical Center) in which we held our annual free PX, drawing, and breakfast for our wounded military and their families.  At that time, we also visited the in-patients, which we also do at the other quarterly trips each year.  These first 10 pictures were taken on setup day, Sunday, Dec. 14, in which over 100 dedicated OME volunteers worked hard to make this event happen!  Thank you!
This hard-working, energetic group of patriotic youngsters are part of the San Antonio Young Marines group!  Their help was invaluable in making this event a success!  Thank you so much, SAYM!:
Here are members of our OME Leadership Team: 5 of our awesome OME Directors!:
Here is OME's entire Leadership Team!
Here is Debbie and Jerry with 2 of our volunteers (far right) from Orion International!  These 2 ladies are both former military, and also employees of Orion, who raised funds in 2014 for OME through their Low2High Hike event!  Thank you, Orion International!  This is an awesome recruiting firm whose specialty is finding jobs for our former military!:
Here are 2 more awesome Orion employees who volunteered for this event also!
After setting up all day Sunday, OME also hosted a BBQ for our wounded and their families that afternoon.  The food was once again prepared by Sgt. Eric Morante, USMC, wounded Marine and former SAMMC patient!  Eric did his usual great job of preparing a delicious meal for us!:
Once again (for the second year in a row) more than 20 members from the Transport Workers' Union, Veterans' Committee, traveled from far and wide to support this event!  Many of them are in this picture.  What an awesome group of patriotic Americans!
These pictures were taken the day of the free PX event, on Monday, December 15, 2014:
Here are 25 donated bicycles that were used as drawing items! This is always a very popular item each year!  OME also donated a like amount for the children's Christmas party the following Friday, all the other toys for that party, and also provided the dinner for the injured military and their families.
The little stick horses that this little girl is holding were lovingly made by Patsy, an OME volunteer and wife of a Marine!
How do you like our new OME tent (above and below) that was donated by a very generous supporter?!:
Besides this free PX we also held a drawing for every wounded warrior in attendance.  We drew for such things as gift cards, iPad Mini's, jewelry, speciality toys, etc.  The soldier in the picture below is trying to decide what item he wants:
The soldier below had just won a gift card:
This Marine below had just won an iPad Mini!  The Master of Ceremonies here for the drawing is himself a wounded Marine and former SAMMC patient!  Thank you so much, Kenny!
This soldier won the last iPad Mini that was drawn that day!:
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