SAMMC Visit Dec. 2013

These are pictures from our December 8-9, 2013, trip to SAMMC (San Antonio Military Medical Center).  We held our annual free PX (Post Exchange - i.e., military store) on Monday, December 9.
Here is a picture of one of our volunteer youth groups: San Antonio Young Marines!
This picture reflects the size and magnitude of our free PX!  And this is just one side of the room!
Here are some of the members of our awesome TWU Veteran's Committee supporters/volunteers!  They are one fantastic, hard-working group of patriotic Americans!
Here are the smiling faces of some of our festive volunteers!  This awesome group flew in from Florida just to volunteer their time for our free PX!!
As you can see from the pictures below of our wounded soldiers and Marines, they really enjoyed our free PX!
Here is a wounded Marine and his wife with 4 members of a church youth group:
More of our smiling festive volunteers!:
This wounded soldier in the picture below just won an iPad Mini in our drawing!  He was one very happy camper! :-)
This wounded solider below also won an iPad Mini in our drawing!
On the far left are 2 members of IADD (International Assoc. of Directional Drilling), an awesome group of patriotic Americans who were outstanding supporters of OME!!
This wounded Marine in the middle, Eric, (former SAMMC patient) who is now in culinary school, prepared and served a delicious light breakfast for our wounded and their families.  Thanks, Eric!:
This wounded Marine on the left had just won a gift card!
This wounded soldier had just won this bicycle in our drawing!
Our awesome supporter, Dustin, and his Fired Up BBQ team served us and all of our wounded and their families some  delicious BBQ!!
Here is Dustin with his BBQ Team:

These 2 ladies and several other members of Thrivent Financial worked with OME to help sort items donated by Salem Lutheran Church in Tomball. Thrivent Financial is a fraternal, not for profit organization, who returns profits to its members to help people in their communities.

The talented ladies in these 2 sewing groups lovingly made beautiful handmade items for our wounded warriors for this December trip.  The Creative Hands Ministry (in picture #2 below) made homemade patriotic pillow cases, and the H.E.A.R.T.S. Veterans Museum Quilters in picture #1 below made homemade quilts!  Thank you so much, ladies, for generously giving of your time and talents!

This group of awesome, energetic Home School kids helped us unload donated items into our storage unit. Thanks so much to all of you!

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