Outings for the Wounded 2015

On October 3, 2015, (the night after Eric's boxing match) we sponsored a dinner at P.F. Chang's for wounded service members (who were outpatients of SAMMC) and their families!


On October 2, 2015, OME Officers, Directors, and Volunteers attended the NABA (National Amputee Boxing Association) Boxing Match to show support for Sgt. Eric Morante, (Ret.) USMC!  We also sponsored many other wounded service members from SAMMC so that they and their families could also attend this awesome event!  And Eric won by a TKO!  Way to go, Eric!


On September 20-22, 2015, OME sponsored a Teal duck hunt.  Fourteen wounded warriors participated in this hunt in Southwest Louisiana as guests of the Stack Barrel Hunting Club and the Louisiana Game Wardens' Association.  The hospitality and the meals were incomparable, and the unequaled guides and dogs produced 167 Teal over 2 days!!!

April 10, 2015: Just another day at the SS Ranch in South Texas!  This wounded SSgt shot this 24-lb turkey that had 1 1/2" spurs and a double 10" beard.  It was his first-ever turkey, and the smile on his face is contagious!  These outdoor adventures are SO healing for our wounded warriors!

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