March 2012 SAMMC Visit


Here we are unloading boxes of personal care and clothing items for members of the Army’s Alpha, Baker, Charlie, Delta, and H&HS companies in the Warrior Transition Battalion who were unable to attend the Christmas free PX (Post Exchange/i.e. our military “store”).

Visiting Inpatients

This is the Center for the Intrepid, the world’s premiere rehab facility that is located there at San Antonio Military Medical Center.

Here is the “Old Breed” of Marine meeting the “New Breed” . Our friend, Jerry, on the right is a Vietnam Vet. And, as Chesty Puller (a Marine icon) said, “Old Breed? New Breed? There’s not a damn bit of difference as long as it ‘s the Marine breed!”

Here is Jerry on the left and SFC Shawn Green, USA (Retired), on the right, visiting an inpatient. SFC Green is a former SAMMC patient/wounded warrior who is a strong advocate for OME and for all wounded warriors and their families.

Saturday Night Dinner

Our dinner Saturday night was catered by the RK Group Caterers and held in the Sunset Station area. OME paid only for the wounded warriors and their families.

At the dinner, we celebrated Jerry’s 67th birthday! 67?!! Can you believe it?!!

Here is our director, Martha (on the left) with Todd, one of our retired wounded warriors, and his wife, Sarah. Todd has invited us to his college graduation! We are so very proud of you, Todd!!!!

Here is Jerry with Eric, wounded warrior and former SAMMC patient, who is now a student!

Once again, here is the “Old Breed” of Marine meeting “New Breed” of Marine! Jacob, on the left, is a wounded Marine and former SAMMC patient, and our friend, Jerry (“Peepsight”), on the right, is a Korean vet.

Here is Jerry with the son of a wounded Marine.

Here is our Vice-president, Brenda Kaiser (far right/standing), with a wounded soldier/ former SAMMC patient, and his family.

Stephen (2nd from the right) is a wounded soldier and patient at SAMMC.

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