Golf Tournament 2010

Written by Carol Measom

Three members of our wonderful Golf Tournament Committee.

The 1st Battalion, 23rd Marine Regiment provided a weapons display for our tournament.

Our 2nd annual OME Charity Golf Tournament was kicked off by a precision formation flyover by Freedom Flight of Conroe, Texas.

This first picture depicts the Missing Man Formation which honors all those who have fallen in service to our country.

The 2 golfers on the left and middle are wounded Marines from SAMMC (San Antonio Military Medical Center). The golfer on the far right Is a member of the SAMMC Patient Affairs Team.

This Marine from the Patient Affairs Team at San Antonio Military Medical Center, explained to our golfing audience, in detail, why it is so important for our wounded to have support from their families, and, in turn, why the families need so much support from you, the American People.

Here is Shawn, being his usual entertaining self, and Jay, both wounded combat veterans, with our Golf Tournament Committee.

All of us with 2 of our wounded from San Antonio Military Medical Center.

This injured soldier, Shawn, who also spoke at last year’s OME Charity Golf Tournament, explained how much he and his fellow wounded Servicemen appreciate the support of the American public through the OME support programs for the wounded military.

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