December 2011 SAMMC Visit

Written by Carol Measom

As you can see by this long line that wrapped around the corner, there were many injured soldiers who waited very patiently in the cold to participate in our free PX (military term for "Post Exchange") store.

“This wounded Marine and former SAMMC patient, Eric, (currently a culinary student) prepared and served our breakfast consisting of breakfast burritos, coffee, and juice. He served close to 600 wounded and their families that day!”

Dinner Sunday Night at Spire:

We surprised this wounded Marine with a cake for his birthday that night!

Here we are with 2 of our wounded Marines (the taller ones! LOL!)

Visiting patients.

Visiting patients.

As you can see from this picture of us unloading to set up the free PX (Post Exchange/Store), it took 2 U-Haul trucks to hold all the items that were donated!”

Thanks so much to all of the following awesome sewing groups who supported this December trip to San Antonio Military Medical Center!!

This sewing group (minus Dennis!), the Huntsville Ladies Sewing Club, made these beautiful quilts and stuffed animals for this December trip.

The sewing groups called Quilt Club, Brother Club, Janome Club and Viking Pfaff Club made these beautiful homemade fleece blankets for us to give our wounded military!

The sewing group “Creative Hands Ministry” of Fellowship of the Woodlands Church made these beautiful handmade blankets for us!!

This sewing group, Give a Stitch, made these beautiful handmade afghans for us!!

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Miriam Trost says:
June 4, 2012 3:56 AM
What a wonderful team of volunteers OME has!!! Y'all are making the soldiers' and their familys' lives so much brighter. You can just see the glow and happiness in eyes and expressions, and the joy in y'alls faces. You should all be so proud, yet I know how humble you feel helping the disabled vets. Thank you for sharing all the wonderful photos, and keeping up the great work you do. You new website design is very professional and easy to navigate as well, Great job! God Bless, Miriam T.

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