Christmas Celebrations for the Wounded 2017

December 6, 2017, OME sponsored a Christmas party for wounded and ill Marines recovering at SAMMC (San Antonio Military Medical Center) and their families, at The Barn Door restaurant in San Antonio.  Although there are no pictures, OME also supported the Christmas party for SAMMC's recovering soldiers and their families at their annual Christmas dinner and party by making a direct monetary donation as well as delivering toys that had been donated to OME.
Was this a Texas Christmas party, or what?!  LOL!
Medically retired Marine, Sgt. Kenneth Fischer, OME Veterans' Liaison, was our "Fearless Leader" for this event, and he planned and executed this OME-sponsored Christmas party.  Because of this awesome "Devil Dog", this was a phenomenal celebration for wounded and ill Marines and their families recovering at SAMMC, along with staff members. Another medically retired Marine, Cpl. Tony Akers, provided strong support and assistance to Sgt. Fischer.
Teams of young high school girls who are members of the National Honor Society in the San Antonio area volunteered to wrap all the Christmas gifts that were provided by OME for these Marines and family members.  They also helped Sgt. Fischer and Cpl. Akers run the drawing and served as photographer for this event!
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