Care Packages for Deployed Troops Program: 2015

The Navy JROTC group of Caney Creek H.S. volunteered their time for our December 17, 2015, Packing Party!  Thank you SO much!!
This is our December 12, 2015, Adopt A Box event in which we invite customers of Alspaugh's ACE Hardware to donate money to help defray the cost of postage for care packages:
On November 12, 2015, many Anadarko Petroloeum Company's employees volunteered for this Packing Party!  Way to go, APC employees!  
Making cards to go into these care packages:
From our October 24, 2015, Packing Party.  Thank you so much Woodlands Chapter of NCL for volunteering for this event!  Y'all are awesome!
This is our October 17, 2015, Adopt A Box event at Alspaugh's ACE Hardware again.  Thank you, Alspaugh's for hosting this once again!
These are pictures from our September 27,2015, Packing Party for Care Packages.  Thank you, Bluebonnet Chapter of NCL for volunteering for this event!
Here are pictures of some of the handmade cards that went into these care packages on September 27:
Starting in September, 2015, Alspaugh's ACE Hardware (one of our most awesome and faithful supporters) in the Woodlands, Texas, started displaying this sign in their store!  Thank you SO much, Alspaugh's!
On September 19, 2015, we held an Adopt-A-Box session outside of Alspaugh's ACE Hardware store in the Woodlands, Texas. Customers were invited to make donations to help defray the cost of postage for sending care packages to our troops deployed in harm's way.  Kids were also invited to write or draw something on the outside of care packages:
Here is another Packing Party (to pack care packages)  that was held on September 13, 2015.  The volunteers included the Magnolia's NCL (National Charity League) group.  Thank you Magnolia's NCL!!!
We held a small Packing Party on September 6, 2015, to pack care packages:
These are pictures from our August 23, 2015, Packing Party in which volunteers pack care packages for deployed troops:
This is our August 22, 2015, Adopt-a-Box event that was, as always, held in front of Alspaugh's ACE Hardware.  Customers for that store are invited to donate money to help defray the cost of postage to mail care packages to our deployed military:
These are some of the customer's children decorating some of the care packages destined for overseas:
Here is some of that artwork:

The volunteers for this Packing Party on July 8, 2015, were another one of the awesome NCL groups: the Texas Topaz Chapter!
We also presented this Texas Topaz Chapter with a challenge coin and certificate from a deployed unit in Afghanistan.  It was their way of saying "Thank you for your support and for not forgetting us!  We then had the certificate mounted on a placque and presented it the challenge coin to this chapter of volunteers:
This Placque and Challenge Coin were presented on June 15, 2015, to the Magnolias NCL (National Charity League) group for doing such an outstandng job of supporting our deployed troops!  The certificate and challenge coin were given to OME by one of the deployed units in Afghanistan who our program supports and who were so grateful for "not forgetting them"!
One of the many wonderful business supporters of OME is the Box-It Store at 395 Sawdust Rd., the Woodlands, Texas.  It is located behind Master Pit BBQ in the strip of buildings.  Kay Omer, Owner, has been helping for the past 6 years by offering the opportunity to her customers to "adopt" one of the many care packages being shipped by OME to our deployed men and women.  If any of our interested volunteers/supporters ever want to help by shipping a box or two, Box-It always has a supply ready to go.  When you go to the store, be sure to say "Hi" to Christina, Kay or Mohammed as one of them will always be there!"
Often organizations in  our community will seek information from OME on how to show appreciation for our military.  On February 9, 2015, OME shared its four missions with the Texas Topaz National Charity League monthly meeting of Patronesses (see the picture below).  Texas Topaz NCL is one of many chapters of this Mother/Daughter organization that exists nationally to engage in community service to support various philanthropies.  At this February meeting this group was very excited as they discussed supporting OME and all of its 2015 projects.   These ladies, along with their daughters, are a high energy group who experience, first hand, the joy of supporting our military!
In March, 2015, this same awesome group answered the call for a special request that came from 3 detachments of deployed Seabees in a remote area of Africa: they desperately needed boot and casual socks.  Without hesitation, this wonderful group jumped into action to deliver many many pairs of socks of different varieties, along with Girl Scout cookies, personal hygiene items and notes of appreciation, to these 3 groups of Seabees!  And, this group reacted in time for the socks to be sent just 9 days after we originally received the request!  Way to go, Texas Topaz!
And, we immediately received the following thank-you note from those Seabees:
"I would like to personally thank you, the Texas Topaz Chapter of NCL, and all of the other groups that are helping to support us and all of the troops around the globe.  It is kind acts like this that help the troops feel good about the sacrifices that they make. We greatly appreciate all of the support that you give to us."
The Texas Laurels Chapter of NCL has also been an avid supporter of OME for years, and recently developed a special project of love and warmth for our deployed men and women: the Class of 2019 created handmade blankets of beautiful designs, then Moms and daughters packed them with various other goodies to send.  The girls even wrote some heartwarming personal notes of appreciation to include in the boxes as well !
In the picture below, Mickey Leland College Prep High School is yet the latest group of young men who have shown the passion for honoring/saying thanks to our deployed men & women. On March 11, 2015, the Senior Class gathered to pack 17 care packages full of the items that they gathered for OME to send to our deployed troops.  Snacks, personal hygiene items, and notes of appreciation were included in the boxes.  These young men are clearly showing the stuff that leaders are made of in their community.  Assisting them was Pralak, their Teacher Advisor.  Thanks so much to ALL of you at Mickey Leland HS!!!
On March 15, 2015, our latest team of volunteers came from Girl Scout Troop 11853 who helped us with our Adopt-A-Box event at Alspaugh's ACE Hardware in the Woodlands, Texas.  (Whenever we accumulate 50+ care packages to ship to deployed troops, the owners of Alspaugh's are kind enough to host these events in front of their store where their customers are invited to pay the postage on 1 or more boxes.) These young ladies have the passion to help say "Thank you" to our troops by packing boxes, organizing, and greeting customers at Alspaugh's.  They were great at inviting the younger customers to draw pictures and place short notes on the outsides of the boxes being shipped:
Here on the far right are Debbie and Jerry (2 of the 3 Co-Founders of OME) and Dennis, Care Packages Program Manager (far left):
National Charity League Chapters continue to be strong and frequent supporters of various OME events and Missions.  Late in 2014, 10 chapters in NCL District 17 embarked on a project named "Operation Sleep Tight."  Moms & daughters of this national philanthropic organization created hand-made pillow cases with wonderful designs and heart felt messages to donate to OME to use in the Care Package and SAMMC Free PX missions.  Many of the 750 donated started being sent in care packages in March, and we are now receiving wonderful Thank You notes from the troops receiving these.  They are thrilled to have this touch of home close by.  A number of these will also be made available to our ill and wounded veterans attending this December's free PX at San Antonio Military Medical Center (SAMMC).  Here are just a few examples of these works of art!:
Each year Spring brings with it a tradition of Girl Scout Troops selling cookies.  Starting in February of 2015 and continuing through May, 2015, over 25 local troops of Girl Scouts have been bringing cases of cookies to OME to then distribute to our military.  These cookies not only taste good, but are a reminder of HOME and what it represents.  Many of the girls also help in the next step of packing these treasurers, along with other items donated to OME.  The cookies help OME continue to convey the very important message of "You Are Not Forgotten" to many of our deployed men & women.  A few of the photos given to OME are included to share their smiles and giggles! :-)
On June 27, 2015, we held a Packing Party (where we pack Care Packages for our troops deployed in harm's way) at the Conservatory Senior Living in the Woodlands, Texas.  The awesome group of volunteers for this particular session was the Woodlands Chapter of the NCL (National Charity League).  Thank you so much, Woodlands NCL!
At this particular Packing Party, we presented an award to this NCL chapter (as we did later for all other chapters): it consisted of a framed Thank You note and Challenge coin from one of the units we have supported overseas in our Care Package Mission!
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