2014 Care Packages for Deployed Troops Program

Whenever OME has 50-100 care packages to ship to our troops overseas, the owners of Alspaugh's ACE Hardware are kind enough to host our volunteers to conduct an "Adopt-a-Box" where their customers are invited to pay the postage on one or more boxes.  This past July 12, 2014, Leela (Mom) and Cali (daughter) from a local National Charity League chapter had the opportunity to greet customers, invited young ones to place artwork on the outside of a few boxes, and engage many people in the community in our mission.
On August 6, 2014, we held another Packing Party to package up care packages going overseas to our deployed troops.  These awesome enthusiastic volunteers for this particular session were the Texas Topaz Chapter of the National Charity League.  Thank you, NCL!!!!
OME was chosen by a wonderful group of Mary Kay sales ladies to receive a significant donation of their products gathered through Operation Sunscreen.  We were able to send many boxes to our deployed troops as well as add to the items collected for this year's free PX at SAMMC in December.  Over 170 boxes of product were donated & packed at an event hosted by Ed & Angie Kober, Owners of Chick-Fil-A in Willis, Texas.  Go, Mary Kay and thanks to the Kobers!  Our troops will love these!
Anadarko Petroleum employees & their company are continuously engaged in helping OME show appreciation to our Veterans as well as deployed warriors.  On Aug. 13, 2014, a group of Anadarko employees gathered at The Conservatory, Alden Bridge (another great supporter of OME) to pack a record 206 care packages in one event!!  We were blessed by having Del and Bill L., parents of Michael, join that evening.  Michael is one of the warriors receiving our care packages. Several Andarko employees who have been deployed previously in Iraq & Afghanistan have also received our care packages.  These good folks always jump to the front of the line to help OME!  Thank you!!!
The Beat Goes On!: Rick & Dorothy Alspaugh of ACE Hardware in The Woodlands, along with Store Mgr. Troy Blackmon, Robert Shaw, and other ACE staff continue to provide FANTASTIC support for the OME Care Package Program by hosting Adopt-a-Box events whenever asked! Photos of volunteers helping with the latest 2 that we held on Aug. 23 & 30 are shown below.  The next opportunity for ACE customers & OME friends will be Saturday, Sept. 13.  Since June, 2014, OME has been able to send over 235 care packages down range to our warriors, with more going out each week.  It is important for these deployed men & women to recognize that they are not forgotten by many of us who continue to enjoy our every day freedoms as a result of their personal sacrifices.
On 9/13/14 OME was hosted once again by Alspaugh's ACE Hardware in the critical step of getting our care packages on their way to deployed men & women of all branches of our military.  The format is the same, with a display set up inviting ACE customers to donate postage, which is currently $15.90 per large flat rate USPS box.  The volunteer faces are constantly changing, but with several repeaters.  Alexia, Dennis (flag shirt), Karen (An NCL Mom), and Tom (frequent helper)made up part of this event.  Bronwen (Alexia's Mom) was there as well, and has participated in packing parties, Adopt-a-Box events, along with Alexia and husband, Paul (not in photos this time).  The kids decorating our boxes with their creative work are different every time, but always willing to engage.  

Our community is fantastic with many 100's of folks wanting to help support OME in our mission of supporting the men & women of our Military.  The latest Adopt-A-Box at Alspaugh's ACE was held on October 4, 2014, and was manned by Moms & Daughters from the Bluebonnet Chapter of National Charity League.  We always have many young ones stop by the display to provide their artwork and notes of appreciation on the outside of the care packages.  Since July of this year, OME has sent over 450 boxes down range and receives a continuous stream of thank-you notes coming back from our Warriors!

November 7 - December 3, 2014, Julie Renteria, a member of the Helping Hands Service Club of Victory Early College High School, lead the organization and execution of a collection, packing, and shipping project in support of the OME Care Package Program.  25 boxes of goodies and other items requested by our deployed men and women were gathered and packed.  Then, $400 was raised at the school fundraiser to ship these to our military in time for Christmas.  What a wonderful way for these young people to show their respect and appreciation for the 1% of our population making personal sacrifices for the rest of us enjoying our many freedoms!

Here are samples of some of the Thank You notes that we have received from our deployed troops:

21 November 2014 

My name is Corporal Ray B. and I am an active duty soldier currently serving overseas. We received some care packages from your organization last week.

I just wanted to take a minute to show appreciation for your thoughtful gestures. It was really appreciated and made our days better.

Thanks to all your team who helped out. I noticed on your flyer that y'all are from texas. I too am from deep east texas born and raised in Nacogdoches.

Once again, thank you very much for your time and the packages it was awesome!! Hope y'all have a blessed holiday season and enjoy thanksgiving.



6 February 2014 

Operation Military Embrace:  

I appreciate the support that your organization and members have given my Marines and I.  From our FOB in Afghanistan to our training base in The Republic of Georgia,

your group came through with that little touch of home.  This March will mark two years straight of receiving packages from you / your members.  I will never forget how good it felt to have patriots like yourself send gifts, snacks, and well wishes to someone you've never met.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.   


Aaron D.


 11 November 2014 

Veterans Day – A Thank You ! 

To the Men and Women of Operation Military Embrace – 

Greetings from Afghanistan! As many Americans celebrate the service of their Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Coast Guardmen today, I wanted to send you my own – “Thank You” – for your support over the years. You provide a remembrance that during this long war and numerous deployments that we are appreciated and not forgotten. 

During my previous deployments, your care packages were cherished by my young Soldiers as a break from MREs and served as a resupply for items that could not be found locally. During this deployment you have also done something else – shown the power of the American Spirit – an appreciation of a Nation for its Soldiers serving in a far away land. 

Currently, I head an International Planning Cell in the Headquarters, International Security Assistance Force (ISAF). The cell is made of 45 men / women from over 10 countries (Danes, Czechs, Spanish, Fins, Australians, Romanians, Turks – just to name a few). These officers are not only appreciative of the goodies that are stacked next to the coffee pots but also astounded that I would get “Care Packages” from other than my family members. In many cases, they have never experienced the feeling that they and the mission they are doing is held in respect and cherished by their Nation.  

I tell them that it is not only the American way, but also it comes with being a TEXAN!!! Thank you and may you all have a great Veteran’s Day!!

VR/ Pete









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