Who We Serve

Examples of those needing financial assistance:

24/7 Caregivers.

A single Mom has to quit her job to care for her brain-injured son 24/7 and needs financial assistance to pay her mortgage, car note, daily living expenses, etc., and to keep her from losing her home and all of the assets needed to carry forward day to day.

Those waiting on Disability payments.

A Soldier or Marine is medically separated and is expecting the VA Disability payments to start immediately but the Disability payments lag for months. OME will, depending on the availability of cash resources, provide a tax-free "Bridging Grant" to help affected service members get through this period of government inefficiency and inattention to the needs of injured and/or ill service member.

Those needing help with daily essentials.

An injured service member who is single arrives at one of the domestic military hospitals and the family flies in with only the clothes on their backs. OME will purchase new clothing and toiletries for the family and will pay for a rental car to enable the family to have mobility until such time as the family car arrives. In some cases, OME will pay for a car to be transported from the service member's family home to the medical facility where recovery is taking place.

If you think that OME may be able to help you and your family, please start
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Morale and financial support.

OME provides financial and morale-building support through it's various Programs to injured and/or seriously ill Active Duty military personnel and/or their families as well as medically separated or retired military personnel and/or their families up to 10 years after honorable separation across all branches of America's combat arms. OME does not discriminate in favor of any one branch or sub-unit of America's combat arms but is dedicated to supporting injured and/or ill members of the U. S. Army (including Army National Guard), the Navy, the Air Force and the Marine Corps and all related Reserve Units. A service member who is injured in a training accident, an accident while on leave or an accident of any type while on active duty is eligible for consideration of support by OME. Documentation is required to validate injuries and/or illnesses and for those service members who have ended active service. A copy of the DD-214 is also required. Case Workers are a great source of documentation and validation and OME also works closely with VA and military Case Workers to establish support needs and support documentation.

Your privacy is important to us.

OME follows HIPAA (the Privacy Act) and uses only a first name and a last name initial when communicating publicly about service members and/or family members assisted. Additionally, OME does not exploit seriously injured and/or ill service members for fundraising purposes; i.e., a service member supported by OME will not be paraded across a TV screen and exploited for fundraising purposes. Also, when OME provides gifts of clothing items, there will never be an OME logo on the clothing as OME does not use America's heroes as walking billboards.